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The Personality of the Blue Mitted Ragdoll

Many people are incredibly in love with their blue mitted ragdoll cats. They can be the perfect alternative for a couple that includes one partner that prefers dogs over cats. Many ragdolls even play fetch and like water!

When you are looking for a kitten make sure you know what you want a head of time- it can be very easy to buy something so cute and furry on impulse. And the majority of impulse pet buys end up in the local pound waiting to be euthanized because they weren’t quite what the owners were expecting. Do your part to prevent unnecessary deaths and do your research before you make a purchase. More info: blue mitted ragdoll

The Gentle Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is well-known for its large size, gentleness, and for its unique tendency to go limp when picked up. These cats love to be held, to be around people, and are also easily introduced into a household with multiple pets.
This cat showcases a long coat with the texture of rabbit fur which requires only occasional grooming. They come in seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac point; they may or may not exhibit white markings. Because Ragdolls will not defend themselves if attacked, they must be kept indoors only.
The only care requirements for an owner of a Ragdoll cat is good food, clean water, regular trips to the veterinarian, and plenty of love. More info: ragdoll cats