An Adventure Without Technology, Medieval Times

As a multifunctional activity, a Medieval Times experience is hard to top. How many venues offer a way for adults to avoid cooking while allowing them to drink alcoholic beverages and still provide entertainment for the kids? You and your family can enjoy a taste of history as you eat a four-course dinner and watch knights joust for your pleasure.
This family experience offers a fun, educational trip into the past for every member of the family. The smallest children revel in the horses and pageantry, not to mention getting to eat with their bare hands. The thrill of the joust and the general sense of romance/adventure appeals to older children. Mom and Dad have the opportunity to enjoy a low-tech activity and spend quality time as a family.
For birthdays, Medieval Times is a great alternative to the common pizza and video game places that are full of hyperactive children and rude adults. Youngsters as well as adults can tour the Hall of Arms, stroll through the Medieval Torture Museum or watch as the R More info: Medieval Times Los Angeles

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