Auto Glass

When you park your car on the street at night, you take the chance on someone vandalizing your car. Teenagers, out for what they consider fun, will break windows on cars as they are walking down the street. Who knows why they do something like that? They seem to do things for various, unexplainable reasons or even sometimes because they are just bored.

That means that you will have to repair the glass in your car at a huge expense to you. Insurance might cover the vandalism, or they might not depending on the coverage that you have. The front and back windshields are the most expensive since an auto glass company would have to replace those. There needs to be a watertight seal on these windows, and they need to be installed properly. If those two windows are not installed properly, they could shatter while you are driving. This is a hazard and could potentially be very dangerous.

You may be able to replace the side windows if you are a handy person. Even if you are not very handy, the side windows are easy to replace once you have the door open. There are screws holding the door panels on, and when they are removed you can see the inner workings of the side window and door. Older cars just have a suction cup to hold the glass and a mechanical system that raises and lowers the window. You just need to find the piece of glass to replace the old one. More info: Auto glass Hayward

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