Birthday Party Ideas

When you are planning birthday parties for your child, you want to come up with ideas that will be popular among their friends. Along the same lines of thinkg, you don’t want the parents of the children thinking “Geeze, another (insert type of party here) again!”. When you are planning a party, use a little creativity, to keep them unique, without going so far outside the expected that the kids end up bored.

One idea is to throw a carnival themed birthday party. Have the kids compete in a variety of carnival-style games throughout the party. These could be popping balloons with darts, throwing a ball into a target, guessing games for how many pieces of candy are in a jar and other similar games. Based on the children’s performance in each game, award them with tickets. At the end of the party have prizes that children can redeem their tickets for. Food is easy, with hot dogs and hamburgers or pizza to match commonly served carnival food. You might even do popcorn or caramel corn for a sweet treat.

Another type of party is a game night. Spend the evening playing three or four different board games. This will introduce the children to different types of games. For each game, award small prizes to the children based on how they perform in the game. Instead of traditional gift bags, purchase board games when they are on sale throughout the year and give each child a board game at the end of the party to play at home. More info: Birthday parties Virginia Beach

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