Dentists And You

Keeping your teeth pearly white and cavities at bay does not have to be impossible. Most dentists have cheap cleanings available so that you can keep your teeth and gums healthy. This will in turn lead to better oral health and appearance.

Keeping Teeth White

Dentists recommend that you stay away from excessively drinking anything with a dark dye. This means beverages such as coffee, tea and colas should be kept to a minimum. Brushing your teeth soon after drinking them will lower the impact that they will have on discoloring your smile.

Your local dentist can also sell you several effective whitening kits. There are inexpensive ones that are similar to the strips you can find in drug stores, only much more effective. There are also customized whitening trays that are made to exactly fit your mouth.

Gum Health

Some people suffer from gum disease and absolutely need to see a dentist two or three times a year for deep cleanings. Gum disease causes the gum line to withdraw from the teeth and leave unsightly gaps. Plaque builds up inside of these gaps and teeth eventually rot and fall out.

The smell of a mouth that has gum disease is difficult to ignore. The afflicted person will have bad odor soon after brushing their teeth and often throughout the day in spite of chewing gum. This is due to the bacteria that build up inside of the receding gum line. Visit a dentist to treat your gum disease regularly. Your mouth is worth the extra time and money to protect.
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