Home Inspections Are Important

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, a home inspection is necessary to protect your investment. A Houston home inspection will generally cost around 300 dollars, although it could be more or less depending upon the home’s square footage.

During a home inspection the contractor will check for any defects in the home that could effect the properties value. The home inspector will crawl into places that homeowner’s do not typically spend a lot of time in, like the home’s attic or crawl space. The home inspector will also check out the condition of the roof, foundation, plumbing and any major appliances that are included in the home.

After the inspection the contractor will provide you with a detailed summary of the condition of the house. In the report, the inspector will note any defects or potential problems that were found in the home. A good inspector will also be open for any questions that you have about the property.

This inspection will alert you to any major or minor problems in the home, including those that the seller may not have known about. You can then use this report to request repairs on the property and as a negotiation tool for a price reduction. At this time, you can also back out of the purchase with a refund of your retainer money.

The home inspection usually does not include an inspection for hidden mold, termites or radon gas. These inspections, which are also recommended, usually cost extra and require another inspection from a skilled individual in that field. More info: Houston Home Inspection

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