How Lapidary Equipment Is Used

Lapidary equipment, is used by artists to assist in preparing stones or gems for jewelry and other decorative uses. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other hard stones or gems must be polished, cut, chipped or faceted to be placed in necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and additional jewelry items.

Because gems and precious stones are so hard, specially designed machines are required to grind them into the correct size and shape. Machines available for lapidaries are diamond cutters and diamond saws. These are available in various sizes and quality. In addition, parts must occasionally be replaced or repaired on lapidary equipment.

Drills are also required to put holes in gems and stones, so they can be strung on silver, gold or platinum bracelets or necklaces. Devices are also required, to correctly facet precious gemstones so they will look beautiful in rings, necklaces, brooches and other jewelry items.

Lapidary products include soldering materials to hold gem and stones with melted metal to the More info: Lapidary Equipment

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