Pond Cleaning Services

In the world of landscaping, few things can make such a dramatic impression as a pond. One of the great things about ponds is that they can be installed just about anywhere. One doesn’t have to have a giant backyard in order to accommodate a pond, as they come in a variety of sizes. However, just like a pool, ponds require maintenance.

The good news is that ponds don’t require as much constant maintenance as swimming pools do. A well-designed pond ensures the owner doesn’t have to spend much time worrying about it. That being said, ponds do require seasonal cleanings. These cleanings are best performed in the spring and fall.

Because pond cleanings can be a labor-intensive process, many people opt to hire professionals to do the job. After all, pond cleaning often involves removal and storage of fish during the process as well as cleaning filters, dechlorinating the water and removing organic debris. If all of this isn’t done properly it can actually cause damage.

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