Shop Around Before Selling Old Gold Jewelry

Buying gold is now all the rage. Every street corner has someone with one of those arrow signs spinning at amazing angles and directions advertising ‘We Buy Gold Here’. With the price of gold at record highs it is very profitable now to reclaim the gold content of old jewelry, which is what these merchants are advertising as their service. For people thinking of selling their old gold jewelry a few cautionary steps should be taken to make sure things are handled in an amicable way.

Before taking that pile of old gold jewelry into any location, first do some comparison shopping. Go in to several of these establishments and talk with the person responsible for making the purchase of the gold jewelry in the first place. Many times talking with an individual gives a good indication of whether they can be trusted or not.

Next, use an accurate digital food scale and weight the gold to be sold. A scale that can get to two decimal places is the best bet as small differences when talking about gold wei More info: gold buyer Indianapolis

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