Stay Healthy And Smile

Our excellent staff and well experienced Dentists at Family Dentist Phoenix will take the stress and fear out of your visit. No matter what type of dental work you need or desire, our friendly and professional team will make sure you feel at ease. Your first visit will be complete with comprehensive diagnostics. You will receive X-rays, periodontal probe and if needed, an advanced laser diagnostic tool. This will detect the smallest decay and then it can be treated immediately. You will be checked for oral cancer and if it is spotted early, your chances of survival is great. Keeping a healthy mouth and maintaining a beautiful smile will keep you worry free. Gum disease is a major problem for over 75% of our population. With regular appointments we can detect gum disease and treat accordingly. Detecting this in the early stages gives us a chance to stop it in it’s tracks and maintain it. If left untreated, it will cause a serious infection which is linked to heart disease, diabetes and strokes to name a few. Their are many painless ways to control gum disease. Through X-rays and visual exams, this can be detected and a treatment plan can begin. Keeping a healthy mouth and smile will keep you in a healthier state. We welcome new patients and we will give complete compassionate care to each and everyone to help you keep a healthy and beautiful smile. We encourage you to make an appointment today and talk to us about any dental concerns. More info: family dentist phoenix

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