The French Bulldog

French Bulldogs originated in England, but gained their tremendous popularity in France during the Industrial Revolution. Known as the clown of the dog world, the French Bulldog, or Frenchie, is an entertaining and loyal companion animal. The dog can make a fabulous pet no matter your living situation. They are just as content to sit in your lap as they are to run around the back yard.

Frenchies are easily recognized! The dog has wide-set, bat-like ears and a happy grin. It doesn’t take more than a passing glance to fall in love with this breed. Because they have a shortened nasal passage, Frenchies may find it difficult to breathe in hot weather. Because of this, the dog must have access to air conditioning in the heat of the summer.

If the puppy you choose has been bred to standard, you can expect it to be a small adult, weighing no more than 28 pounds. Black and liver, or any combination of the colors, are deemed unacceptable by the breed standard. Frenchies are most commonly found with white, fawn, cream or brindle coats. Brindle and white coats are also acceptable in this breed.

If you are looking for a fierce guard dog, the Frenchie may not be for you! While your little companion will alert you to someone at the door, never expect it to attack. The Frenchie rarely meets a stranger and is especially good with children. A tough, sturdy little breed, the Frenchie will add a sense of humor to your household that you are sure to appreciate. More info: French bulldog puppy

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