The Usefulness Of MRI

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is a test performed in radiology that uses a form of magnetism to produce computer images of particular parts of the human body. The patient is placed in a tubular machine as a large circular magnet takes a high resolution look inside the body. An MRI is especially useful at detecting disease and finding trauma and internal damage and bleeding.

One caveat: The use of MRI technology is contraindicated in patients with metallic objects in their body, such as certain artificial joint replacements and surgical clips. Pacemakers and bullet fragments also put MRI off-limits, since the powerful MRI magnet can cause metal to shift within the body. Overall, though, MRI is a very useful tool at the physician’s disposal to diagnose many conditions in their patients.

If a patient is scheduled for an MRI, first they will need to remove all metal they may be wearing, such as jewelry. For patients who have a fear or suffer from claustrophobia, some physici More info: mri Dallas

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