The Work Of Burning Spear

Winston Rodney, also known as Burning Spear, is a Grammy award-winning reggae artist who has performed since 1969. In that time he has released 28 studio albums as well as 16 compilations. In addition to this, Rodney tours extensively and has released 6 live albums. Out of all of his albums, 12 of them have been nominated for Grammy Awards with 2 of them winning the Grammy for Best Reggae Album. The messages of Burning Spear’s albums are usually related to the Rastafarian movement, of which Rodney is a devoted follower.

The first album to win him a Grammy was his 2000 album “Calling Rastafari”. The album contains songs such as “As It Is”, “Let’s Move”, and, of course, the title track “Calling Rastafari”. Like many of his works, the title song carries a Rastafarian message. Specifically, it calls for the various groups that have splintered off from the original Rastafarian movement to reunite in the spirit of brotherhood and pursue the original movement.

The second album to win the Grammy was his 2008 album “Jah Is Real”. In addition to the title track, it contains the songs “No Compromise” and “Step It”. This album focuses on Burning Spear’s classic theme of love, peace, and brotherhood. These messages are common in reggae music and are also key to the Rastafarian movement.

In his long career, Burning Spear has achieved success through the power of his music as well as the consistency of his message throughout his work. In each of his albums, the Rastafarian ideals of peace and unity shine through. More info: burning spear albums

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