Uses Of Silicone Sealant

For those particular jobs at home when caulking or sealant is needed, there are many advantages of using silicone sealant. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages, too, when compared to latex caulking.

Silicone sealant has proven to be more durable and flexible. It can withstand extremely high and low temperatures and survives the sunlight. In most cases it will last much longer than the latex caulk. If you need something for non-porous surfaces, silicone sealant is better for the job. It can also do a good job in any gaps that tend to contract and expand.

One disadvantage is that it is harder to apply and needs perfection in surface preparation than latex caulk. Also, the silicone sealant can not be painted while the latex can. Silicone sealant is also more difficult to clean since it needs mineral spirits for that job and latex only needs soap and water.

There is more of an unpleasant odor with silicone than with the latex. If the silicone sealant should need to be replaced in the

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