Using Colloidal Silver As Alternative Medicine

Colloidal silver water has been used for year and years to help treat many common health conditions naturally. The water seems to have medicinal properties in it that can help kill harmful bacteria in and on the body that causes serious bacterial and viral infections like pneumonia and MRS. Many people even use colloidal silver water to cleanse the home naturally because it cleanses and kills harmful bacteria from hard surfaces well.

Back in the 1970s, many people used colloidal silver to help treat and heal burns, gunshot wounds, cuts, ear infections, conjunctivitis, warts, and sexually transmitted disease. Some people even used the water as an antibiotic when no other medicine was around to treat common illness back then such as SARS, the Swine Flu and AIDS.

Now a days many people don’t use colloidal silver as an alternative medicine as often for treating common health conditions because of the side effects it causes such as allergic reactions and a condition known as argyria which is a conditio

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