What Is A Facebook Breathalyzer?

Posting drunk post on Facebook is something that many people end up doing. From posting statuses that make no since, to posting statuses saying silly things about people, all of it has been done. This is why some people feel like Facebook should have a breathalyzer. They feel as though this will lower the amount of people who get online to cause trouble simply out of drunken thoughts.
Is this silly? Or is is necessary? There are many different views. Some think it’s pure comedy. Like how are you going to have a breathalyzer on Facebook? That would mean everyone would have to get one on their computers right? Well, leave it up to the computer geeks. I’m sure that if “drunk statuses” becomes a big enough problem, someone will find a way for it to happen.
There are also many others out there who feel like this is necessary. Who may have been one of the people drunk people get on Facebook to bother and mess with. Should these people be left just dealing with drunken people bothering them? Or could the answer More info: facebook breathalyzer

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