Xeriscaping with Zoysia Grass

When water, time and good soil arent always ample zoysia grass seed could be your answer. The trend now is xeriscaping, a landscape that is drought resistant. With some effort you’ll be rewarded with a healthy lawn for summer pleasure.

Hire out the jobs or on good weather days and prep the area yourself. The soil must be raked, or clawed, its a three pronged tool, or turned lightly to make soft areas for planting. Successful germination will be more likely if the area is fairly flat.

The gravel can be raked aside, this won’t be easy. The soil underneath could be a surprise, probably sand. Spread topsoil and rake through to the sand which will provide excellent drainage.

You have the option of purchasing plugs, that have already been started, or beginning from seed. Though sowing the lawn yourself takes longer, its cheaper. In small areas spread by hand, in gentle sweeping motions. A push spreader is helpful to plant larger lawns. Plant thickly, fewer weeds can invade. For the first season water well, and let the turf grow to about two inches.

In the following seasons a slightly shorter cut is fine but should always be cut high, so that the sun does not dry out the roots and increase the need for water. The heat makes the lawn more vulnerable to burn, and the visible soil invites weeds.

Some extra planting may be needed and avoid trampling the lawn when its new. But each season the lawn chair on that private piece of turf will beckon. Your neighbors will ask you about Zoysia Grass Seed.

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